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Policing Mental Health In The Schools

If you want to erase the “stigma” of “mental illness”, stop labeling people nutzoid. All the discrimination and harm that comes of “mental health” treatment has to start somewhere, and that somewhere is with the diagnostic tag.

The sad part is that now children are being labeled “mentally ill” at incredibly young ages, 2 year olds, 3 year olds, 4 year olds, 6 year olds, 8 and 9 year olds. I’ve got news for you people. Psychiatric drugs are no replacement for good parenting practices.

If folks knew this, perhaps they would be less inclined to label their toddler a problem toddler. All 2 year olds, for instance, are a world of trouble, as are all teenagers, and I’d think more than twice about labeling them, too.

I know it’s not bad parents, it’s ‘bad’ children, but all the same. I remember when we used to think of children as innocent, and when we used to put a great deal of emphasis on child rearing. If I remember correctly, there was much less childhood “mental illness” back then as well.

The problem we’ve got now is a big part of the Obama administration solution to violent school massacres. ¬†Primary and secondary school workers, from principals on down to the janitorial staff, are being turned into mental health police. That’s right, the idea is to bust children for “mental illness”.

Well, the only thing we’re likely to get out of making our educationalists mental health cops is an increase in troubled peoples. When troubles are pathologized, hey, that’s a cinch for compounding them. The big tab for Obama care, as a result, is likely to get much much bigger.

3 Responses

  1. Hi Frank. Jobsworths are given permission to draw very long bows. So called public health people are never right but can never be proven wrong. They can always appeal to a recent headline.

    Maybe you should quit your blog. Who gives a fuck about the crazies. Come and stay with me. It’s really nice in Melbourne, Australia. I’m a really good cook and will soon have an R1 (motorcycle).

    • I gotta tell you, Rod, that is a really great offer, and I’m taking it under consideration.

      Unfortunately, what you say about crazies is altogether too true. Somebody has got to care, and if not me, who? There are people being seriously screwed by the mental health system right now, and some of those people screwed by the system happen to be in Australia.

      Anyway, thinking about cruising over the outback on a motorbike with you is one way to put all that behind me. Yeah, sure sounds nice.

  2. Children are little savages who parents must coach into becoming responsible adults. It is a job. Throwing one’s hands up and turning to drugs to quell them is not an option. Well, it shouldn’t be.

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