My Rant Against The Mental Illness Labeling Industry

Fuck psychiatry! I’m sick of system shit. I’m so sick of system shit that I got out of the system. I don’t need to be a shrink, and I don’t need to be a patient. I don’t even need to be a patient shrink, or a shrink patient. I don’t need to be one or another specialist on a continuum in a rich variety of turncoat categories. I’m not overseeing adult children mental patients in one capacity or another. I guess that makes me irresponsible, but that’s not the way I see it. I’d say that makes me responsible. I’ve ousted myself from the 6 % category of people that need supervising, as well as from the glorified adult baby sitter category that does the supervising.

I now exist among the roughly 75 % of population who have no need for the mental health system whatsoever except perhaps in so far as it applies to other people. I will work with a portion of the 6 %, but that is only to dismantle this monstrosity we’ve created. It is a monstrosity that embodies and includes that 6 %. There is no us and them dichotomy here. There is only this monstrosity in the corner of the world that the rest of us do our best to ignore.  If you think about it, it’s not such a big snorting elephant of a monstrosity as some of us might imagine it to be, it’s really just a tiny pink one.

I cringe every time I hear people talk about educating people about “mental illness”. The only people talking about doing this educating are people with a personal stake in mental health treatment. Talking about “mental illness” has become a way of selling “mental illness”. “Mental illness” is not, and never has been, a fact, it’s an idea. The profession never had a real grip on what it was dealing with. The mental health professional has no interest in becoming alarmed at the rate of people labeled “mentally ill”. “Mental illness” labeling is his or her bread and butter. The more people receiving a “seriously mentally ill” label there are, the more secure his or her job status becomes.

This leads us naturally enough to the condemned by biology theory that is so readily adopted by our professionals. It’s a matter of convenience mostly. 6 % of the population have not become good automatons. They aren’t, and they never were, human beings, not fully functioning human beings anyway. Human beings can become good automatons, according to theory, and be content with a mindless 9 to 5 sort of thing. They are broken machines, and it’s the computing function of the machine that is most broken. So we’ve got our warehouses, and our ill equipped repair people, to deal with the matter. Given that the design was poor, they say, don’t blame the repair folk for not being able to fix the automaton.

There is not much point in going there if you’ve managed to get away from it. The people talking about the people who are defectively designed are, of course, not the people defectively designed themselves. No, they are the people who determine which people are defectively designed, and which people are effectively designed; they couldn’t do so, or so goes the theory, if they were defectively designed. Imagine the difficulties involved in becoming disentangled from that illusion. Illusion it is, but it isn’t the only thing going, so excuse me while I eject myself from the entire argument. Significance, as I see it, is sometimes a matter of rejecting insignificance. I feel much better knowing I’m not contributing to the problem, even if not contributing to the problem is not likely to win me any awards.

10 Responses

  1. If you are too angry, they will come for you, or you will self destruct.

    • Definitely. It happens. Not something to beat yourself up over though. All sorts of emotions are at risk when the mental health cops would pathologize emotion. The positive side of this bad news is that when you channel your anger against psychiatry, maybe that anger can actually do some good. Should they bust you for anger, you’ve got awhile to mull things over, to simmer let’s say, before you come out fighting.

  2. Hi, I’m wileywitch. I think I still need to spend some more time mentally pistol-whipping psychiatry and that one smug face I like to punch visually; but I really like where you’re going here. It’s so liberating to realize that what you’re trying to “fix” isn’t broken.

    • A lot of people share the sentiments you are expressing, Wiley Witch. Should some of those people join forces, then they have a better chance at diminishing the devastatingly destructive power of psychiatry. Once the smoke and mirror mechanism is understood, it doesn’t take that much to reduce it to it’s basic dimensions. To sum up, we’ve got better things to do with people than label, drug, disable, and ostracize them. To do so in the name of science is 1. baloney, and 2. shameful.

  3. Psychiatry is working for the Corporation, the company, the same company in the Movie “Catch 22” run by the character Milo. It is all about money. There is nothing personal in the harm psychiatry causes.

    “I cringe every time I hear people talk about educating people” you wrote. All you have to do, instead of cringing, is realize they are speaking of their religion. They love it, and sing praises of it and wish to convert others to their faith. Smile , nod in agreement and walk away is my only advice.

  4. “The people talking about the people who are defectively designed are, of course, not the people defectively designed themselves.” Bad DNA or the ability to sin, the native populations did not know what sin was until European conquerors brainwashed/taught them. Sin was a choice, now sin is a mental illness/unbalanced brain chemicals.

    “In our fervor to medicalize morals, we have transformed every sin but
    one into sickness. Anger, gluttony, lust, pride, sloth are all the symptoms of mental diseases. Only lacking compassion is still a sin.” wrote Thomas Szasz.

    • In complete agreement.

      I don’t think you could say “lacking compassion” hasn’t been medicalized. Not now that we have psycho or sociopaths, and an antisocial personality disorder. Now that criminality is seen as a pathological condition, even indifference can be interpreted in terms of disease.

  5. So only 6% of us are crazy?! Hey, go figure. Sanity is relative. The pseudo-science of psychiatry is in many ways just another form of religion – designed to promote control by and raise money for the few. That illness exists is something I can testify to but not in terms of the constant admission of new ways of pathologising normal behaviour.

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