Support For Victims of Psychiatric Torture

June 26 around the world is observed as an International Day in Support of Victims of Torture. One form of torture that is not widely recognized is non-consensual mental health treatment. Both the American Civil Liberties Union and Amnesty International have been slow to recognize the brutal cruelty and abuse of forced psychiatry for what many who have endured forced psychiatry know it to be, torture. The United Nations has been a little more receptive on this issue. On March 3rd of this year the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Torture issued a statement calling for an immediate ban on all forced psychiatric interventions.

How are forced psychiatric interventions torture? Just do a little bit of critical thinking and independent research on the subject, and you will find out how. People are abducted, imprisoned, thrown into solitary confinement, poisoned, physically restrained, chemically restrained, shocked, induced to have seizures, injured, neglected, etc., etc., all in the name of therapy. Without mental health law serving as a contradiction to criminal law these atrocities would not be taking place. This ill treatment constitutes torture. The aim of this torture is to elicit behavior that the state finds acceptable,  to suppress behavior that the state finds unacceptable, and to get the torture victim to admit to having a “mental illness” regardless of whether the victim has an actual illness or not.

Should the victim of psychiatric forced treatment not confess to having a “mental illness”, he or she is then said to be “sicker” than the victim who does confess to having a “mental illness”, and this denial, and/or alleged “co-morbid condition”, is then seen as grounds for further tortures and a lengthier imprisonment. More recent developments in psychiatric torture include what is termed a ‘treatment mall’. This ‘treatment mall’ is actually a reeducation camp and brainwashing center run by the state “hospital” with the aim of churning out a greater number of victims complicit in their own torture and victimization.

We call on people around the world to come together over this issue of forced psychiatry, and to help us put an end to this crime against humanity, once and for all. We would like to see a mental health system in which all patients were voluntary, and in which no patients were held prisoner against their will and wishes. We would like to see mental health facilities that were not psychiatric prisons, but instead were facilities in which clients were free to come and go as they so please and choose. Non-consensual treatments, both inpatient and outpatient, are assaults on the health and the freedom of the species and, therefore, not to be tolerated.

By standing together in solidarity with our brothers and sisters, fellow human beings, victimized by this practice, we can and will bring it to an end. On this day consider what you might be able to do to help your brothers and sisters tortured by forced psychiatry. Although we have been granted the right to receive psychiatric treatment, unlike in any other branch of what purports to be medicine, we have no legal right to refuse such treatment. This right needs to be acknowledged and enacted into law. By joining with us in this struggle, you can help us liberate people from psychiatric slavery–the mistreatments and tortures that have oppressed so many for so long.

There is a better world waiting for us just around the bend. This better world is a world in which people are not oppressed and mistreated by greedy, arrogant and power-crazed traitors to their species. We will not reach this better world unless we make an effort to do so. We have in many nations of the world ended the practice of chattel slavery.  We need to end the practice of psychiatric slavery as well. When we do so, we will be that much closer to the better world for one and all that we have envisioned. Now that we’ve gone there in our heads, we need to take a first few actual steps in that direction. Offering support for victims of  the torture that coercive psychiatric interventions entail, in their effort to end that torture, is one of the ways in which we may thus progress.

5 Responses

  1. so very true but not sure non victims will understand

    • That’s got to be a big part of the challenge, for me anyway, cutting through all the psycho-pharmaceutical industrial complex propaganda, and explaining to the general public that people are being harmed by what purports to be “help”. I’ve also got to explain that there is an awful lot of deception going on in this industry, in the name of social control, and that they need to be wary of the typical printed fiction.

  2. Hello,
    I come from France. Sorry my english isn’t verry good. It stills 3 years I know psychiatry hospital. I wasn’t in hospital but it was a person of my family.
    In hospital they don t take care of people with humanity, it is horribel!!! What psychiatry do to people it is like torture. There are a lot of problems.
    lotalot of psychiatre don t understand people

    • I don t know how to change that. Thank you if people have an idea.

      • June 26 is right around the corner. Thanks for reminding me. Psychiatric survivors are torture survivors. When we present this torture for what it is, torture, it will be harder harder for the rest of the world to deny it. It is torture, and acknowledging it as such is merely acknowledging the facts. Denial of the facts is evasion of the facts. The object of forced psychiatry is to get a person to confess to having a “mental illness” regardless of whether there is anything wrong with that person at all. People are abducted, imprisoned, shocked, poisoned, assaulted, etc., all in the name of psychiatric intervention. Psychiatric treatment is a euphemism really. We’re talking psychiatric mistreatment. This is an argument for speaking out, for bravery, and against cowardice. Psychiatric torture is not proof of any “illness” whatsoever, and confessions gained under duress shouldn’t be used to further torture people against their expressed will and wishes; nor should it be used to break their spirits like the spirits of wild beasts and rebellious slaves.

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