Sacred Cow Mental Health Mental Illness Dogma

A great sacred cow of our times is the idea of “mental illness”.  Expose the sacred cow for the myth that it is, and you are, according to some of its most fervent adherents, converts, and devotees, “stimatizing” people who are convinced they have it, hampering people who would treat it, and dismaying people who use it as a convenient excuse to get annoying people out of the way.

The dogma is just that, dogma. You’ve heard the dogma before, “Mental illness is real, it is biological, it is brain disease”.  Given these premises, and they’re only premises, nothing has been established here. People with it, that is, “mental illness”, are thought to be beyond self-control. They are, as it has been put, thought to be “controlled by their illnesses”.

The executive function of the brain has been short circuited by an idea. We’ve replaced the demons of religion and sin with the no less far fetched demons of “mental illness”. You can’t find it on a microscope slide, you can’t test for it, you can only ascertain its existence through the services of certain professionals trained to diagnose it. This diagnosis, according to some of these professionals, is more of an art than a science.

Given that we are dealing with what purports to be medical science, exposing this fraud for the fraud that it actually is can bring you accusations of raising the suicide rate. People don’t kill themselves for reasons. They kill themselves because they are ‘sick’, according to theory. Negative emotions, unhappiness, sadness, moodiness, are all “sicknesses”, according to theory. Cause is “disease”, the opposite of good fortune. Effect is a label and treatment.

Excuse me, excessive negative emotions are “diseases”, and they are excessive if they are enough to bring you before one of these imposters trained in picking them out. In other words, everyday ordinary emotions are not excessive until they send one into the presence of a “disease” detector, and if one crosses the thresholds of one of these “disease” detectors, one’s negative emotions must have been excessive.

 As far as Catch 21s go, you’ve hardly scratched the surface of the number of ways a person might get caught up in this process. The new heretics, disbelievers in those initial premises, must be dealt with, and they are dealt with in a number of ways.  Dismissal for the employee, treatment for the patient, silence and persecution for the critic, ostracism and discrimination among them.

The panacea of this new religion is the pharmaceutically achieved chemical lobotomy, the chemical strait-jacket, the chemical coffin.  People can now live in the community rather than be segregated from it because they are on these wonderful new anti-mental illness drugs goes the story. Suppression is cure. Suppression of the self. Self-expression here seen as an assemblage of unwanted ‘symptoms” equaling “disease”.

What you’ve got to realize is that before these drugs are even used you’ve got a diminishment of the human being into something less than a human being in the dogma. Anybody who doesn’t make the cookie cutter fit for a 9 to 5 dismally gray existence is by default “mentally ill”. Mental health treatment isn’t about healing “sick” people, it is about eliminating maladaptive behavior.

Some people don’t learn the ropes, and for those people we have a psychiatric label and treatment. The ropes I’m speaking of are conventional steps to conventional success. Problem: conventional success often means unconventional failure. One answer to a misstep here or there is the motivational specialist in the self-help field. as a career option. Another answer is the sky, about which I hold my tongue.

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  1. I think most people just feel better and safer if they cooperate with coercive psychiatry. Some are quite heavily drugged but don’t seem to notice that they shuffle a bit, or dribble or stand too close and speak too loudly. Some you can’t pick unless you speak to them. Some I can’t pick at all but they might tell me.

    If a person has been engaging in maladaptive behaviour they can own up to it and make an effort, with help if needed, to change it. The notion that people can’t or will never change is ridiculous but is regarded by many as a truism. So they attempt with some dubious success to force change onto people by changing their brains with drugs.

    Psychiatrists and social workers seem to think that it’s somehow morally wrong or non PC to suggest that a person might reconsider their destructive behaviours or negative symptoms. And virtually never do they consider the possibility that the person is being slandered. But they are more than happy to lock them up and drug them and lie in their reports. This can sometimes wreck a person for life.

    • An example might be a man who is unkempt, smelly, dressed in womens clothing he found on the street. When the psychtroopers visit his house it’s filthy and littered with tobacco and ash.

      Yet they will diagnose him because he has said that he has a spirit guide. His records will labour on his supposed schizophrenic psychosis as supposedly evidenced by his claims of spirituality.

      You and I know that the guy claims a connection to the spirit world because he feels alienated from the human world. And we know that people who feel alienated from the human world do so for a reason.

      There is always a reason and any decent person who makes the effort can learn and understand the reason. Once the reason is understood no decent person can ever pretend that the sufferer is mentally ill in the medical sense.

      • “Decent” people are not always reasonable.

        So called “mental illness” is medical in no sense whatsoever. How’s it medical? There is no physical test for it. Symptoms are behaviors, but symptoms aren’t behaviors. So much for medical.

    • Whoa, Rod! You don’t cooperate with coercive psychiatry because cooperation implies a choice. There is no choice in coercion, there is only compliance. Compliance now, for the sake of confusion, and while we’re at it, deception, called by psychiatrists “adherence”. The only reason people “cooperate” with coercive psychiatry is because if they don’t do so it will go worse for them.

      Nobody needs to “adapt” to a “crazy” world, in the most dull and “normal” sense of the term, now that we’ve got the International Association for the Advancement Creative Maladjustment, an idea spawned in the brain of the Reverent Martin Luther King Jr., and realized by the organization MindFreedom International. If you’ve “adapted” to war, poverty, and social injustice, I really pity you, man.

      Psychiatrists and their ilk would excuse mental patients from responsibility for their actions, owing to impugned and imaginary diseases that would prevent them from exercising, like anybody else on the planet, self-control. Not exercising self-control as a moral agent leaves only other control. The kind of other control, mental health profession staff control, that has in actuality wrecked many lives.

  2. I’ve told you some of this before.

    I’m with this shrink. A pansy about 40 yo, well groomed wearing a grey suit, black belt and shoes, white shirt grey tie. I like his outfit.

    I ask him when it was that he decided that medicine was not for him. He replies to maintain that he is a doctor and works in an area of medical specialty namely psychiatry.

    I remind him that I worked for 20 years in nursing. That I have met and spoken to about 160,000 people that live in Melbourne. That every time I walk out the door I see someone that I have spoken to before. Sometimes I hear a person speak. A person that I have never met. I say to them, “You are a relative of Mrs Nuttal that died at Prince Henries Hospital in 1985”.

    I tell the shrink that I have seen him wearing short pants, a student of Xavier College. When he was 7 yo with his classmates waiting for a tram. In 1980.

    The guy goes white. I tell him that if he collapses I will allow him to remain anoxic for about 4 minutes before I resuscitate him. Or that maybe I wouldn’t. Wouldn’t allow him to die that is. I tell him that I am kind. Which means that I am of the same kind. And that since I am decent and honest I would never do to him what he has done to me.

    I tell him that he can begin to redeem himself any time he wants.

    • To shitcan people can be very cruel. Even if you hate a persons guts it can be too cruel to tell the truth about people that have lied about you.

      To the total fucking cunts that have pretended to know about me and written about it and stood up in fucking court and lied with their cunting fucking shit eating faces…

      I say do you want some cheese on toast.

    • The American Psychiatric Association began as the Association of Medical Superintendents of American Institutions for the Insane. There were 13 organizers of this association back then. There are now something like 48,000 psychiatrists in the USA. Nuff said. I don’t expect your shrink will ever redeem himself, and if he did, he would certainly be in the minority.

      • Good to see your blog is still being updated. Alas, the psychiatry religion remains a threat to our lives daily. Hope you are doing well Frank.

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